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Add Privacy and Decoration to your Home

Frosted Glass Films are designed to ensure privacy to residential and commercial buildings by blurring the vision on both sides of the glass. The films are fixed from the inner side of the glass and when looked from outside it gives the glossy look of the glass windows with the frosted design. Frosted film is also gives sun protection,  and provides about 85% of UV reduction. It is easily cleanable with water - baby shampoo mix. As the exposed side of frosted film is matte finish, it is non-sticky and resistive to dust, and it has very long-life compared to other films.

Most residential apartments in Chennai are pratitioned and fitted with glass doors and windows, and so they allow more heat inside the hall and also the residents feel lack of privacy in closely arranged houses. Now high quality misty white frosted films arrived which solves the heat and privacy problems, and we have done frosted film fixings to lot of apartments in various areas in Chennai. 

Frosted Glass Film on interior house
Frosted Glass Film Fixing on glass partitions


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